Monica Jones: Danielle Hall

Deloris: Angie Cowdy

Guy Martin: Chris Hall

Mitzi: Meghan Hall

Victor Sands: Brian Robertson

Billy Radcliff: Jeremy St-Onge

Wendell Bradshaw: Braidey Merrigan

Chorus Girls: Virginia Beckett & Martina Field

Terence Martin: Greg Morris

Eddie Bradshaw: Marc Veno

Summer Storm: Sarah McCullough

Chorus: Linda Bush, Joan Hollywood, Margo McCullough,   Carol Morris, Pam Giroux

Bartender: John Stephen

Porter: Rudy Hollywood

Flower Girl: Evangeline Wotherspoon


Director: Jeff Siamon

Music Directors: John Inglis, Adam Parker

Costumer: Geoff Murray

Choreography: Tim White

Producers: Pam Giroux & Nina Jenkins

Lighting: Art Holloway

Sets: Steve Scantlebury

Backstage Support: Barb Scantlebury, Margo McCullough, Linda Bush, Joan Hollywood, Rudy Hollywood, John Stephen


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Description of Character Roles

MONICA JONES — In her twenties or thirties. Would be actress and singer. Has been trying for years to get a part on the Broadway stage. She wears glasses.


DELORIS — (aka Susie Donahue) She was a teenage chorus girl when she was discovered in the Broadway adaptation of War and Peace.


GUY MARTIN — In his twenties or thirties. Began his life in the theatre as an actor, director and playwright when he had just turned nineteen. He co-wrote with his father, Terence Martin, an adaptation of War and Peace into a dramatic musical. All the plays he has written since then have been flops. Down to his last dollar, the only theatre he can get for his Play, A Woeful Love, is a burlesque theatre in Queens.


MITZI — A chorus girl who has been in one too many choruses. She’s GUY’s choreographer for his play and is not so secretly in love with him.


VICTOR SANDS — Fifties or sixties. Once a Broadway matinee idol before the turn of the century.


BILLY RADCLIFF — The stage manager, piano accompanist. GUY’s loyal friend, he’s been with him since the days of War and Peace.


WENDELL BRADSHAW — Son of the theatre owner where the play is set to open in. He’s a wiseacre who makes up to all the girls in the show, but he’s only barely in his teens.




SMALL CHILD — Non-speaking part


TERENCE MARTIN — GUY’S father. A classical actor turned playwright after World War I. War and Peace was actually GUY’s attempt at a play, probably in imitation of his father who specialized in adaptations. His father co-wrote it to save his son from writing a lousy script.


EDDIE BRADSHAW — Wendell’s father and owner of the burlesque theatre for Guy’s play. He dresses like the small-time gangster that he is.


EDDIE’S BODYGUARD — (optional) Non-speaking part.


SUMMER STORM — The theatre’s resident burlesque queen.




PORTER — Non-speaking part.


STAGE HANDS — Non-speaking part.